About Us

Our story is rooted in the timeless message of God’s love for all people in Jesus Christ.  Our congregation was founded back in 1782.  It was one of the earliest German  Reformed Churches west of the Allegheny Mountains.  Our first pastor, the Rev. John William Weber, pastored many young churches in our area at the end of the 18th century.  During that time, and for many years after, strong ties were formed between the Reformed and Lutheran congregations in western Pennsylvania.  Much of this was due to their shared German heritage.  Many of these congregations, including St. Paul’s Lutheran and Reformed Churches, shared facilities.  Our churches shared three buildings together before constructing separate facilities across the street from each other in 1902.

In 1862, St. Luke’s Reformed Church of Pleasant Unity was established by former members of St. Paul’s who wanted to have services in the English language.  St. Luke’s merged with St. Paul’s in 1977, and many members of St. Luke’s are still with us today.  In 1934, the Reformed Church merged with the Evangelical Church, and in 1957, a second merger occurred with the Congregational and Christian Churches, forming what is today known as the United Church of Christ.  The United Church of Christ is a denomination that emphasizes the idea of covenant and of God’s inclusive love for all people.  Today, St. Paul’s continues to strive to be true to the Reformed and reforming character of its heritage and to show God’s love to people everywhere.

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